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Painting / Decorating

We specialize in all types of painting and decorative, all work is finished to a high standard. We strive to provide excellent and efficient service, ensuring that work is completed in a timely manner and causing minimal inconvenience to our customers. We can do the work using our own recommended paints, or with the material entrusted by the client. The painter not only paints the walls, he also knows how to prepare the walls, he must patch all holes, scratches and cavities, using the appropriate putty for this task, but also the exact protection of all unpainted elements is important.

If you are thinking of painting and decorative, do not hesitate to contact us now.

Valdex Home-Service will always help you.

Our services include:
Painting renovation of apartments, rooms, offices, home and other rooms,
Painting walls and ceilings,
Painting windows and doors,
Painting MDF and wooden skirting boards,
Painting wooden joinery,
Painting of radiators and pipes,
Installation of patch ceiling cornice & coving designs,
Installation of slats under the ceiling,
Installation plaster ceiling roses,
Painting the facades,
Laying wallpapers.

Complete House Refurbishment