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Every home is inevitably affected by a number of problems that need to be repaired. Do you want to change something at home, fix it, do you need a home service? The husband is always busy and busy? You have no husband, you are alone and helpless, there is no one to help you? Valdex – Home service offers a cost effective way to get all those jobs cleaned up in one go! As specialists in small and large jobs we can quickly and professionally solve all those odd jobs you never find the time to do.So, if you are the ones who love quality work, do not hesitate to contact.
Valdex – Home service provides help and services for home, office in Greater London and the South East, South West areas.

Valdex – Home service will always help you.

Our services include:
Various works in the apartment, home, office, etc:
Drilling holes in the walls,
Regulation of doors, windows,
Cleaning gutters,
Replacement of door locks,
Installation of curtain rail,
Installation of mirrors, paintings, etc,
Installation and replacement of locks,
Paintings apartment, home, office, etc,
Painting facade,
Laying tiles,
Various works in the apartment, home, office,
Various works in the garden,
Replacing traps bath, basins, sinks,
Replacing taps,
Small plumbing works,

Complete House Refurbishment