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My name is John Cubbins and I have worked in the maintenance industry for the last twenty five years employing hundreds of people over this time. I have a very clear understanding of work standards within the industry. I recently sold that business to an insurance company and decided to move in to property devolvement.

I bought a very run down property in Twickenham that needed a complete refurbishment, and to find a builder that can do everything is very difficult but by using my previous experience I done this by using a site called ratedpeople.com that rates tradesmen in your area and when I done the search Valdex came top. I phoned them and arranged to meet them at the property for an estimate. This was all done on time and they came back to me with a reasonable price for the work that was required. I then checked with other clients they had worked for before and they came back highly recommending Valdex.

Valdex where awarded the work with a sixteen week completion date and done in fourteen weeks and that because they were always working on Saturdays even though they were not requested to, always on site at 8am sharp and didn’t finish still 6pm and always working. Their skills and work standards are amazing and I have seen a lot over the years, they completed to a high standard, there were no problems with the working relationship their professional advice and opinions were helpful.

They are very honest and can be trusted with money and getting building materials for you in fact they saved me thousands with their good contacts and I felt comfortable giving money upfront as it is only used for materials for the job.I hope this helps anyone who is looking for a reputable and reliable company, if you wish to speak to me further you contact through Valdex.

Mr. John Cubbins

Complete House Refurbishment